"I’m ten minutes outside Livorno on an intercity train. Looking through my phone, I see a tweet from AS Livorno Calcio which defines why I’m here. The tweet reads, simply: Il nerazzuro…non esiste. Black and Blue does not exist. A tweet designed to boil the blood of the Pisano fans. We are days away from the Derby del Tirreno, the latest episode of a rivalry that dates back to the 16th century, founded on the resentment between the two cities: after the Medici family moved their trade from the port of Pisa to Livorno, Pisa’s port suffered a swift decline whilst the Livornesi thrived. They’ve been at it ever since..."


An extract from my project 'Pisa Merda' for Mundial Mag. Get yourselves a copy.

This project captures my time with the Livonesi. Documenting an Ultra's wedding in the hours before the game and the subsequent mania that was the

Derby del Tirreno.