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Pisa Merda | Mundial Mag

"The rhetoric dictates that the bad news be given first: the Livornesi want only to have something to do with the people of Livorno. The good news is that if you desire to be from Livorno, then you are from Livorno. Because it is good to know immediately that to us, to you, to who you are and to the place you come from, frankly we don't care, but if you declare this your home, not only will you be welcome, but we will do everything to make you feel at home, since, because of your intelligence, you have known how to see what others, who persist in living in Paris, Milan, New York or Rome, do not see. " - an adaptation of a quote from Simone Lenzi.



These images and an accompanying written passage were published in issue 20 of Mundial Mag.

The project entitled 'Pisa Merda' captures the experience of an ultras wedding on the day of the fated Derby del Tirreno, a historic and violent derby between two cities only 20km apart.

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