The Homeless World Cup takes place every year, featuring almost 50 teams from countries all over the world. The teams are made up of men and women who have all faced difficulties in their lives. Incredible stories of overcoming addiction, homelessness, and fleeing war zones in search of asylum contribute to the weighty narrative of this footballing tournament. 

This years tournament in Cardiff offered the players shine in the Welsh sun. Highlighting the need for change in our world's task of tackling homelessness whilst also celebrating diversity and the need for harmony in pursuit of a common goal.

Team England are some of the 500 players at this years tournament, by following their progression through each match day I was able to get an idea of what this competition meant to each participant. Unlike most other footballing tournaments English teams enter at the Homeless World Cup there was not a overwhelming pressure on the players and coaches. Here, in Cardiff, the weeklong tournament was more about enjoying a release from everyday problems whilst playing the sport they loved. Granted England didn't grace the competition with dazzling dribbling nor thirty yard screamers but they certainly made an impression. Forming bonds with players from all over the globe, the English boys and girls made the tournament something special.

The images aim to showcase the characters and stories which made up the English contingent at a truly unique and unforgettable footballing tournament.