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Sardianans have always done things just the little bit differently to their compatriots. They have their own unique takes on food, music and even language. On the Italian version of the Simpsons the character of Groundskeeper Willy speaks in Sardinian. Despite technically being Italians, Sardinians are proud of who they are. Proud of their flag, their seemingly endless coastline and, more importantly, proud of their football.


In this seasons Serie A, Cagliari are one of the surprise success stories. However true Sardinian pride and dominance can be found further north of the island, in a city of only 127,000 residents, the women’s team of the city of Sassari, Sassari Torres Femminile, are the most successful side in Italian women’s football, for over two decades they dominated the Italian top flight. Carving their name into the history books.


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